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In a problem-based learning (PBL) environment, students work in groups on real-life problems and have the opportunity to determine for themselves what they need to learn in the relevant subject area(s). A common feature of problem-based learning is to provide students with a range of resources that assist them in solving the problems. This paper attempts to(More)
The benefits of working in a research group are clear: students develop domain expertise, gain an understanding and appreciation of the research process and its practice, and acquire team, communication , problem-solving, and higher-level thinking skills. Students with this experience are better equipped to make informed judgements about technical matters(More)
Dynamic binary instrumentation for performance analysis on new, large scale architectures such as the IBM Blue Gene/L system (BG/L) poses new challenges. Their scale---with potentially hundreds of thousands of compute nodes---requires new, more scalable mechanisms to deploy and to organize binary instrumentation and to collect the resulting data gathered by(More)
to reproduce the contents provided that such reproduction is not for profit and credit is given to the source. G raduate enrollment numbers and doctoral degrees awarded in computer science have been persistently low among certain minority populations (African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders) in the United States since(More)
encouragement, enduring patience and constant support. He was never ceasing in his belief in me (though I was often doubting in my own abilities), always providing clear explanations when I was (hopelessly) lost, constantly driving me with energy (Where does he get it?!) when I was tired, and always, always giving me his time, in spite of anything else that(More)
To Dandelion Kaczmarczyk, who always reminded me about the most important things in life. Acknowledgments There are so many people who supported, encouraged and mentored me while I worked on this dissertation. Most important, I would like to thank my advisor, Risto Miikkulainen. First, for supervising this interdisciplinary research. Second, for teaching me(More)
  • Airlie Center, Airlie Virginia May, +5 authors Ramon Vasquez Espinosa
  • 1995
Executive Summary The primary motivation for this workshop was the 1991-92 Taulbee survey published in the March 1993 issue of the Computing Research News. It indicated that less than 1% of the PhDs in computer science that year were earned by African Americans and less than 2% were earned by Hispanics while African Americans and Hispanics comprise about(More)