Andrew Berardy

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The article reports on findings of an ethics education unit in a cross-institutional partnership—an American university and an Indian university—that uses noncooperative gaming theory to extend ethics education to take on a global, group/systems perspective. Authors assert that a role of engineering communication at the global level is to position(More)
Fundamental problems of environmental sustainability, including climate change and fisheries management, require collective action on a scale that transcends the political and cultural boundaries of the nation-state. Rational, self-interested neoclassical economic theories of human behavior predict tragedy in the absence of third party enforcement of(More)
Until recently, communication over long distances was limited to one of three technologically-mediated choices: phone, fax, and post. However, new technologies have revolutionized cross-cultural communication by offering a myriad of platforms for rapid, asynchronous, and multimedia messaging, including Twitter and Skype. Thus, globally distributed virtual(More)
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