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The human gut microbiota is impacted by host nutrition and health status and therefore represents a potentially adaptive phenotype influenced by metabolic and immune constraints. Previous studies contrasting rural populations in developing countries to urban industrialized ones have shown that industrialization is strongly correlated with patterns in human(More)
The crown and rhizome transcriptome of an upland tetraploid switchgrass cultivar cv Summer well adapted to the upper Midwest was investigated using the Roche 454-FLX pyrosequencing platform. Overall, approximately one million reads consisting of 216 million bases were assembled into 27,687 contigs and 43,094 singletons. Analyses of these sequences revealed(More)
  • Andrew Benson, Matthew Zane, Timothy E Becker, Ate Visser, Stephanie H Uriostegui, Elizabeth Derubeis +5 others
  • 2014
Gas exchange across the air-water interface is a critical process that maintains adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column to support life. Oxygen reaeration rates can be accurately measured using deliberate gas tracers, like sulfur hexafluoride (SF 6) or xenon (Xe). Two continuous release experiments were conducted in different creeks in using(More)
In this paper, we briefly describe a prototype of the software system we have developed for multiple whole genome alignment. To develop our algorithm, we have to solve several problems including decomposition of genomes with a suffix tree, finding an LIS for multiple MUM sequences, and iterative pairwise multiple sequence alignment. This results in an(More)
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