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Qualitative Research: Recent Developments in Case Study Methods
▪ Abstract This article surveys the extensive new literature that has brought about a renaissance of qualitative methods in political science over the past decade. It reviews this literature's focus
Process Tracing and Causal Inference
How should we judge competing explanatory claims in social science research? How can we make inferences about which alternative explanations are more convincing, in what ways, and to what degree?
Case Study Methods : Design , Use , and Comparative Advantages
There is a growing consensus among social scientists that research programs advance more effectively through the iterative or collaborative use of different research methods than through the use of
Complex Causal Relations and Case Study Methods: The Example of Path Dependence
This article discusses the application of qualitative methods in analyzing causal complexity. In particular, the essay reviews how process tracing and systematic case comparisons can address
Process Tracing: From Philosophical Roots to Best Practices
This paper has two overarching goals – to summarize recent developments on the philosophical and practical dimensions of process tracing, and to identify features common to best practices of it on
Process Tracing
Covariations have important limitations as sources of causal inference, whether these covariations are established by statistical methods or by congruence methods in case studies. Because of these
Process tracing : from metaphor to analytic tool
This chapter discusses process tracing from philosophical roots to best practices, systematizing process tracing with Bayesian analysis, and improving process tracing in the case of multi-method research.
Do We Preach What We Practice? A Survey of Methods in Political Science Journals and Curricula
using statistics and formal modeling rose sharply and the proportion using qualitative methods dropped markedly. Second, there is a disjuncture between the high proportion of research performed with
Case Study Methods in the International Relations Subfield
This article reviews the key role that case study methods have played in the study of international relations (IR) in the United States. Case studies in the IR subfield are not the unconnected,