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Large-scale software engineering requires communication and collaboration to successfully build and ship products. We conducted a survey with Microsoft engineers on inter-team coordination and found that the most impactful problems concerned finding and keeping track of other engineers. Since engineers are connected by their shared work, a tool that(More)
A <i>packet filter</i> is a programmable selection criterion for classifying or selecting packets from a packet stream in a generic, reusable fashion. Previous work on packet filters falls roughly into two categories, namely those efforts that investigate flexible and extensible filter abstractions but sacrifice performance, and those that focus on(More)
Agile development methodologies have been gaining acceptance in the mainstream software development community. While there are numerous studies of agile development in academic and educational settings, there has been little detailed reporting of the usage, penetration and success of agile methodologies in traditional, professional software development(More)
LogoBlocks is a graphical programming language for the Programmable Brick, developed at the Epistemology and Learning Group in the MIT Media Lab. The Programmable Brick is a small handheld computer that a person can attach to a LEGO creation to control motors and read inputs from sensors. LogoBlocks is intended to be an alternative language to BrickLogo,(More)
Programming a computer is a complex, cognitively rich process. This paper examines ways in which human cognition is reflected in the text of computer programs. We concentrate on naming: the assignment of identifying labels to programmatic constructs. Naming is arbitrary, yet programmers do not select names arbitrarily. Rather, programmers choose and use(More)
Programmers who suffer from repetitive stress injuries find it difficult to spend long amounts of time typing code. Speech interfaces can help developers reduce their dependence on typing. However, existing programming by voice techniques make it awkward for programmers to enter and edit program text. To design a better alternative, we conducted a study to(More)
Software developers make programming mistakes that cause serious bugs for their customers. Existing work to detect problematic software focuses mainly on post hoc identification of correlations between bug fixes and code. We propose a new approach to address this problem --- detect when software developers are experiencing difficulty while they work on(More)