Andrew Beckley

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Candida species have recently emerged as important nosocomial pathogens. Because of the lack of a reliable system for detecting differences within the same species, little is known about the epidemiology of infection with Candida species. We describe a typing system for Torulopsis glabrata and the non-C. albicans Candida species that uses contour-clamped(More)
Candida species are an important cause of infection in immunocompromised hosts and the leading cause of nosocomial fungal infections. Study of the epidemiology of Candida infection has been difficult because of lack of a reliable typing system. We describe a typing system utilizing contour-clamped homogeneous electric fields (CHEF), which is a modified(More)
In the midst of the current antimicrobial pipeline void, alternative approaches are needed to reduce the incidence of infection and decrease reliance on last-resort antibiotics for the therapeutic intervention of bacterial pathogens. In that regard, mupirocin ointment-based decolonization and wound maintenance practices have proven effective in reducing(More)
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