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  • Burtraw, Dallas, +9 authors Courtney Mallow
  • 2008
Environmental markets have several institutional features that provide a new context for the use of auctions and which have not been studied previously. This paper reports on laboratory experiments testing three auction forms – uniform and discriminatory price sealed bid auctions and an ascending clock auction. We test the ability of subjects to tacitly or(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The Great Recession brought large increases in unemployment and college enrollment; we examine how changing state labor market conditions and state-specific variation in Unemployment Insurance (UI) interact to affect enrollment outcomes. We identify a substantial role of the UI program in affecting post-secondary enrollment choices. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the patterns of myocardial involvement in the presence of self-limiting and sustained systemic inflammation, using MRI. METHODS Ninety-four subjects, with a clinical diagnosis of myocarditis (n = 36), RA (n = 24) and apparently healthy subjects (n = 34, control group), underwent standardized cardiac MRI protocol for the assessment(More)
The proposed 2008 TARP auction was intended to facilitate rapid purchases by the U.S. department of Treasury of a wide array of mortgage-backed securities in order to remove these " toxic assets " from the portfolios of financially stressed banks. The Treasury had selected a Reference Price design whereby bids to sell different securities would be(More)
Cyclical contractions in labor market opportunities may lead to increased demand for post-secondary education as the opportunity cost of enrollment falls during bad economic times. However, decisions to enroll also depend on the capacity to finance college and it is likely that credit constraints will be exacerbated in bad economic times and among workers(More)
EdPolicyWorks working papers are available for comment and discussion only. They have not been peer-reviewed. Displaced workers may not be fully aware of the federal financial aid and enrollment opportunities available to them. Indeed, incomplete knowledge of financial aid availability and eligibility during the recent recession may have limited the extent(More)
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