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The DARPA Urban Challenge required robotic vehicles to travel more than 90 km through an urban environment without human intervention and included situations such as stop intersections, traffic merges, parking, and roadblocks. Team VictorTango separated the problem into three parts: base vehicle, perception, and planning. A Ford Escape outfitted with a(More)
The DARPA Grand Challenge might be the greatest and most heralded control systems problem ever posed. The challenge was to build an autonomous vehicle that could navigate from Barstow, CA to Prim, NV, across hundreds of miles of rugged desert terrain. To win the million-dollar cash prize being offered by DARPA, the vehicle was required to traverse the(More)
Position in the environment is essential in any autonomous system. As increased accuracy is required, the costs escalate accordingly. This paper presents a simple way to systematically integrate sensory data to provide a drivable and accurate position solution at a low cost. The data fusion is handled by a Kalman filter tracking five states and an(More)
Ankle varus deformity arises due to a number of congenital and acquired causes leading to significant functional debility in the patients, especially children. We report a less commonly used technique, the transphyseal osteotomy of distal tibia, for the correction of varus deformity of the ankle joint in a thirteen-year-old boy. Full correction of the(More)
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