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China's search for renewable energy: Pragmatic techno-nationalism
The enthusiasm of Chinese leaders for renewable energy is infused with a pragmatic variant of techno-nationalist ideology. In keeping with this outlook, Beijing supports Chinese wind and solar firms,Expand
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India's Nuclear Odyssey: Implicit Umbrellas, Diplomatic Disappointments, and the Bomb
Why did India merely flirt with nuclear weapons in the 1960s and 1970s only to emerge as a nuclear power in the 1990s? Although a variety of factors informed India's prolonged restraint andExpand
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Slouching tiger, roaring dragon: comparing India and China as late innovators
ABSTRACT Despite growing interest in the phenomenon of ‘latecomer innovation,’ the nature of this challenge – and its relationship to globalization – remain poorly understood. This article develops aExpand
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China's Petroleum Predicament: Challenges and opportunities in Beijing's search for energy security
If China’s rise is one of the most important stories of this new century, China’s growing appetite for energy is one of its most striking subplots. Between 2000 and 2009, China’s energy consumptionExpand
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The Politics of Skilled Immigration: Explaining the Ups and Downs of the US H-1B Visa Program
The United States has long been a magnet for skilled immigrants, but its openness to these immigrants has varied considerably over time. Focusing on the H-1B visa program, this article explains whyExpand
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China’s New Energy-Security Debate
China's debate over what ‘energy security’ is and how it can be achieved has evolved considerably over the past decade. raditionally, Chinese officials and analysts have been most worried aboutExpand
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The International Ambitions of Mao and Nehru: National Efficacy Beliefs and the Making of Foreign Policy
1. Introduction 2. National efficacy beliefs and foreign policy Part I. Mao's China: 3. Same revolution, different dreams 4. Mao's adventure in Korea 5. Persistent pugnacity Part II. Nehru's India:Expand
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