Andrew B. Weaver

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As part of a prospective outcome study, independent life events occurring in the year before onset in 35 consecutive cases of anorexia nervosa were recorded by a semi-structured interview with the subject and a parent. Negative impact and context were rated blind, using the case vignette method. Subjects with anorexia reported intermediate rates of negative(More)
Uncertainty quantification (UQ) in the hypersonic flow regime offers valuable information to determine physical models in need of improvement and to assist in design of vehicles and flight experiments. Here we present results of UQ analysis based on polynomial chaos method to determine flowfield and surface heat flux uncertainty under typical blunt-body(More)
Effect of intermolecular potential on compressible Couette flow in slip and transitional regimes" (2014). Articles you may be interested in Molecular dynamics simulations of high speed rarefied gas flows AIP Conf. The sign change effect of the energy flux and other effects in the transitional regime for the Couette problem AIP Conf. Navier–Stokes modeling(More)
Effect of molecular models on viscosity and thermal conductivity calculations" (2014). Abstract. The effect of molecular models on viscosity and thermal conductivity calculations is investigated. The Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method for rarefied gas flows is used to simulate Couette and Fourier flows as a means of obtaining the transport(More)
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