Andrew Amegbedzi Minamor

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Studies on the effect of two fungicides Caocobre Sandoz and Ridomil plus 72 on the vegetative growth and radicle elongation of cocoa seedlings were investigated using the Blotter Test Method. The germination media (fungicides) were of varied concentration; undiluted, (1:1, 1:5, 1: 10) v/v. Control samples did not receive fungicide treatment. Five (5) cocoa(More)
Objective. This study aimed at determining the microbial content of "bowl water" used for communal handwashing in preschools within the Accra Metropolis. Method. Six (6) preschools in the Accra Metropolis were involved in the study. Water samples and swabs from the hands of the preschool children were collected. The samples were analysed and tested for(More)
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