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1 100 Robots We describe the development of Centibots, a framework for very large teams of robots that are able to perceive, explore, plan and collaborate in unknown environments. The Centibots team currently consist of approximately 100 robots (Figure 1). The Centibots team can be deployed in unexplored areas, and can efficiently distribute tasks among(More)
<sc>Teambotica</sc> is a research environment for the exploration of theories, designs and implementations of team-based robotics. In developing <sc>Teambotica</sc>, we found that many of the simplifying assumptions that are often taken in both multiagent systems and behavior-based robotics had to be discarded. Central to our approach is a multilevel agent(More)
The Centibots were tested, by an independent evaluation team, in an artificial "search and rescue" scenario. The key was to evaluate how to control the robots, how to deploy them, and how effective they are in the mission. The focus of the project was not on making more robotic hardware but to focus on the large-scale aspect and on the control aspect of the(More)
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