Andrew Abbott

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Dysfunction of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in schizophrenia is associated with lamina-specific alterations in particular subpopulations of interneurons. In pyramidal cells, postsynaptic γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA(A)) receptors containing different α subunits are inserted preferentially in distinct subcellular locations targeted by inputs from(More)
PURPOSE To apply diffusion tensor images using 30 noncollinear directions for diffusion-weighted gradient schemes to characterize diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) features associated with C6 glioma-bearing rat brains, and ideally visualize fiber tractography datasets. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fiber tractographies of normal male Fischer 344 rat brains were(More)
Temperature distribution is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of laser phototherapy in cancer treatment. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an ideal method for 3-D noninvasive temperature measurement. A 7.1-T MRI was used to determine laser-induced high thermal gradient temperature distribution of target tissue with high spatial resolution. Using(More)
A smaller length ratio for the second relative to the fourth finger (2D:4D) is repeatedly associated with fetal male-typical testosterone (T) and is implicated as a biomarker for a variety of traits and susceptibility to a number of diseases, but no experimental human studies have been performed. The present study utilizes the rhesus monkey, a close(More)
Scholars of human development argue that a variety of social contexts affect youth development and that the interdependency of these contexts bears on the shape of human lives. However, few studies of contextual effects have attempted to model the effects of school, neighborhood, and family context at the same time, or to explore the relative and(More)
The multifunctional growth factor scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor and its tyrosine kinase receptor, c-MET, have been implicated in the genesis and malignant progression of numerous human malignancies, including hepatocellular carcinomas. The incidence of hepatocellular carcinomas in the United States has increased noticeably over the past two(More)
The lymphatics form a second circulatory system that drains the extracellular fluid and proteins from the tumor microenvironment, and provides an exclusive environment in which immune cells interact and respond to foreign antigen. Both cancer and inflammation are known to induce lymphangiogenesis. However, little is known about bladder lymphatic vessels and(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is associated with a cardiomyopathy that is independent of coronary artery disease or hypertension. In the present study we used in vivo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and echocardiographic techniques to examine and characterize early changes in myocardial function in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes. METHODS Diabetes was induced in(More)
Abstract The nitrones of alpha-phenyl-tert-butyl nitrone (PBN) and 4-hydroxyl-PBN (4-OH-PBN) that have anti-cancer activity in models of liver cancer and glioblastomas were tested in the ApcMin/+ mouse model. Mice were administered PBN and 4-OH-PBN in drinking water and intestinal tumour size and number assessed after 3-4 months. Throughout the experiment,(More)