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This article discusses the main features of the national health research systems (NHRS) of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, based on documents prepared by their country experts who participated in the First Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW The transition of healthcare from pediatric to adult settings has become more significant over the past 20 years as the survival of young people with chronic illness and disability has increased and healthcare delivery has become more complex. This review examines the evidence from recent studies and position statements to determine the(More)
As increasing numbers of young people with chronic illness reach adulthood, their ongoing medical care must evolve to be delivered in an adult rather than paediatric setting, a process known as transition. Towards this goal, increasing numbers of paediatric and adult hospitals are engaging in processes to promote the continuity of care for young people with(More)
In a 12-month survey on the causes and frequency of hypoglycaemia presenting to an inner-city accident and emergency department, a total of 86 cases were recorded. A missed meal and/or alcohol ingestion accounted for most of the precipitating causes, being 52% and 21% respectively. As 49% of subjects presented with major clinical manifestations of(More)
OBJECTIVES (i) To investigate the incidence of iron deficiency (both latent iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia) in post menarchal female adolescent patients hospitalized with anorexia nervosa. (ii) To observe changes in iron status during refeeding. METHODS During the study period all post menarchal female patients admitted to the adolescent unit(More)
Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to the group that participated in the collaborative paper entitled Priority Setting for Health Research: Toward a management process for low and middle income countries (COHRED 2006-ISBN 92-9226-008-1) as their inputs have significantly contributed to the development of COHRED current approach to priority setting.(More)
INTRODUCTION A qualitative pilot evaluation of two different decision interventions for the prophylactic oophorectomy (PO) decision: a Decision Chart and a computerized clinical guidance programme (CGP) was undertaken. The Decision Chart, representing current practice in decision interventions, presents population-based information. The CGP elicits(More)
The applications, outcomes and future strategies of hepatocyte transplantation (HTx) as a corrective intervention for inherited metabolic disease (IMD) are described. An overview of HTx in IMDs, as well as preclinical evaluations in rodent and other mammalian models, is summarized. Current treatments for IMDs are highlighted, along with short- and long-term(More)
Taiwan Strait crisis, scholars and policymakers alike have become increasingly concerned about the territorial ambitions of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Gerald Segal, for example, described " an irredentist China with a boulder rather than just a chip on its shoulder. " 1 Most recently, a 2005 Pentagon report on Chinese military power expressed(More)