Andrew A. Adams

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Transreal arithmetic is a total arithmetic that contains real arithmetic, but which has no arithmetical exceptions. It allows the specification of the Universal Perspex Machine which unifies geometry with the Turing Machine. Here we axiomatise the algebraic structure of transreal arithmetic so that it provides a total arithmetic on any appropriate set of(More)
Wc prcscnt a novel methodology for identifying intcrnal iichvork performance characteristics baucd on cnd-to-end mullicnst measuretncnts. The mcthodology, solidly groiinded on statistical cstiination thcory, c a n bc uscd to clifiracterize the internal loss atid dciay lrrcliavior of a nctwork. Measurcnicnts on thc MI3anc havc been uscd tu validate thc(More)
Student cheating on university assessments from entrance exams to finals and from contract cheating on coursework to requesting exam answers using a mobile phone during the exam, has received more and more attention of late. As connection to the Internet becomes ubiquitous and computing and communications technology more embedded in our environment, it is(More)
Pair Programming is a technique from the software development method eXtreme Programming (XP) whereby two programmers work closely together to develop a piece of software. A similar approach has been used to develop a set of Assessment Learning Objects (ALO). Three members of academic staff have developed a set of ALOs for a total of three different modules(More)
We analyse the contention that privacy is an alien concept within Japanese society, put forward in various presentations of Japanese cultural norms at least as far back as Benedict in The chrysanthemum and the sword: patterns of Japanese culture. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1946. In this paper we distinguish between information privacy and physical privacy.(More)
The current state of the art and direction of research in computer vision aimed at automating the analysis of CCTV images is presented. This includes low level identification of objects within the field of view of cameras, following those objects over time and between cameras, and the interpretation of those objects’ appearance and movements with respect to(More)
This study investigates the attitudes towards and social impacts of Edward Snowden's revelations in Japan through a questionnaire survey and follow-up interviews with Japanese youngsters as part of an international cross-cultural analyses. The survey results showed striking contrasts with ones in other countries reflecting the Japanese socio-cultural and(More)
Many online services assume that they each account will only be accessed by one person, ever. This is even enshrined in the terms and conditions for some. However, our identities are bound up with others in various ways, in both life and death, legally and socially. A basic classification system for multiple ownership of accounts is proposed, based on(More)
Communal Internet access facilities or telecentres are considered a good way to provide connectivity to people who do not possess home connectivity. Attempts are underway to utilize telecentres as eLearning centres providing access to learning materials to students who would otherwise not be able to take up eLearning. This paper reports on the findings of(More)