Andressa Silva

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With the aim of increasing the quality of the meals transportation service inside hospitals and health care centers (HHCC), we are developing a dedicated mobile robot to perform this service, the i-Merc. This robot is equipped with a heating system in the meals compartment which guarantees the meals temperature and prevents bacteriologic proliferation. The(More)
Introduction: The population has experienced an urban martyrdom in traffic due to the growing number of vehicles, which in many cases have not accompanied the development of their respective cities in the social and structural questions. With this, it became routine situations to encounter the Emergency Mobile Assistance Service (SAMU) addressing accident(More)
The increasing adoption of mobile devices can improve the collaborative participation, especially in data acquiring, of people in their space: where they live or where they work. Based in this kind of crowdsourcing, we create a proposal for The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), specially its campus of “Ilha do Fundão”(More)
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