Andres Valdivieso

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To define and validate a pharmacokinetic (PK) model for tacrolimus (TAC) that includes patient pathophysiology and has clinical applicability in the first 2 weeks post-liver transplantation (PLT). Routine monitoring records [dose, trough levels (Cmin), demographics, biochemistry] from 75 patients treated with TAC (Prograf®) PLT were used to develop a(More)
BACKGROUND Both dietary phosphorus restriction and the ingestion of ammonium chloride (NH(4)Cl) given to rats on a high-phosphorus diet have been shown to preserve renal function in the azotaemic rat. Parathyroidectomy also has been reported to preserve renal function and, in addition, to prevent kidney hypertrophy in the remnant kidney model. Our goals(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney hypertrophy is stimulated by both partial nephrectomy and NH(4)Cl administration. Also, parathyroidectomy (PTX) has been reported to prevent kidney hypertrophy induced by a high protein diet. Our goal was to determine in the azotaemic rat: (i) the combined effects of NH(4)Cl administration and dietary phosphorus on the development of(More)
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