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Coxiella burnetii is a Gram-negative, obligate intracellular pathogen that directs the formation of a parasitophorous vacuole derived from the host lysosomal network. Biogenesis and maintenance of this replicative compartment is dependent on bacterial protein synthesis and results in differential expression of specific host genes. However, the mechanisms by(More)
Coxiella burnetii, the etiological agent of Q fever in humans, is an intracellular pathogen that replicates in an acidified parasitophorous vacuole derived from host lysosomes. Generation of this replicative compartment requires effectors delivered into the host cell by the Dot/Icm type IVb secretion system. Several effectors crucial for C. burnetii(More)
CRLX101 (formerly IT-101) is a novel cyclodextrin-based polymer that selfassembles into nanoparticles. CRLX101 was designed to deliver sustained levels of the cytotoxic agent camptothecin (CPT) to tumour cells while minimizing delivery to normal tissue. Covalent conjugation of hydrophobic CPT to the cyclodextrin polymer increases its water solubility by(More)
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