Andres Saucedo

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A rigid endoscope and three different object illumination source positions are used in pulsed digital holography to measure the three orthogonal displacement components from hidden areas of a harmonically vibrating metallic cylinder. In order to obtain simultaneous 3D information from the optical set up, it is necessary to match the optical paths of each of(More)
Target Audience: MR researchers in reconstruction and clinicians for fast imaging Purpose: Compressed Sensing (CS) and Parallel Imaging (PI) methods accelerate acquisition speed by significantly reducing k-space sampling yet produce high quality images by imposing a priori and data-based information as constraints. Recently, constrained reconstruction has(More)
This paper presents and analyzes an alternative formulation of the locally low-rank (LLR) regularization framework for magnetic resonance image (MRI) reconstruction. Generally, LLR-based MRI reconstruction techniques operate by dividing the underlying image into a collection of matrices formed from image patches. Each of these matrices is assumed to have(More)
After a careful check of the response linearity of the spectrophotometer in absorbances and transmittances at wavelengths between 250 and 550 nm with potassium dichromate, the influence of the concentration of solutions on the tristimulus coordinates and the coordinates of the CIE 1931 (Commission Internationale de l'Éclairage) and CIELAB colorimetric(More)
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