Andres Sampedro

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Invasive head and neck squamous carcinomas are among the cytogenetically most complex tumors. Perhaps for this reason, there is little consensus on the prognostic value of specific chromosomal aberrations. Here we present results of CGH analysis of 56 clinically well-characterized set of head and neck cancers, consisting of larynx and pharynx only. The aim(More)
The quantitative expression of E-cadherin, thrombomodulin, CD44H and CD44v6 in 32 specimens of primary tumours of pharynx/larynx squamous cell carcinoma and their lymph node metastases was studied by immunohistochemistry. With the aim of obtaining comparative and objective data, image acquisition conditions were kept unaltered for all the measurements and(More)
We developed mouse monoclonal antibodies (Abs) against pepsinogen C with highly purified antigen isolated from gastric mucosa. The Abs were used to construct a two-site sandwich-type assay for pepsinogen C with time-resolved fluorometry as a detection technique. The assay has a detection limit of 0.1 microgram/L and is precise (within-run and day-to-day CVs(More)
Business intelligence (BI) builds upon a set of tools and applications that enable the analysis of vast amounts of information (Big Data). Educational institutions handle large volumes of Big Data every year. There is a strong need for the use of BI in these institutions to improve their processes and support decision making. The core technology in a BI(More)
Flow Cytometry (FC) has been incorporated into cancer research in relation to its prognostic value together with histological parameters and TNM stages. We have studied by means of FC the cell cycle of 132 samples from male patients with Squamous Cell Lung Carcinoma (SQCLC). All of the patients received curative surgery and the clinical follow-up was 60(More)
This paper reports on the evaluation and testing of a home-made device. Data-acquisition, treatment of transient signals and the hardware and software involved are discussed. Some practical aspects are developed in order to power the autonomy of procedures using the device. Kinetic and multi-signal calculations are considered in order to cover the actual(More)
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