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This paper describes a method to automatically obtain the glottal space segmentation without user initialization from healthy and pathological vocal folds video sequences captured by the laryngoscope. The segmentation is mainly based on a Gabor filter bank, studying the texture differences inside vocal folds images, and combining it with others advanced(More)
This paper introduces the “joPAS“ programming API, which has been developed by the PAS research team at the University of Deusto. “joPAS” enables the use of “octave” variables and functions through a JAVA program. Therefore, this API makes it possible to not only develop signal processing applications quickly by(More)
Automatic human facial recognition is an important and complicated task; it is necessary to design algorithms capable of recognizing the constant patterns in the face and to use computing resources efficiently. In this paper we present a novel algorithm to recognize the human face in real time; the system's input is the depth and color data from the(More)
This paper presents an oesophageal speech enhancement algorithm. Such exceptionally special type of voice is due to the laryngectomy undergone by those persons with larynx cancer. An oesophageal voice has extremely low intelligibility. This works proposes a method to improve its quality, which consists of stabilizing the poles of the transfer function of(More)
C hildren in Western industrialised countries dedicate more time to watching television (TV) than to any other extra-school activity. Numerous international and national publications have shown that TV favours a sedentary lifestyle and reduces physical activity and school work. This descriptive, transversal study inquires into the TV-watching habits of the(More)
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