Andres Mendez-Vazquez

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In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for learning fuzzy measures for Choquet integration. There are two novel aspects of the algorithm: it seeks to explicitly reduce the number of nonzero parameters in the measure to eliminate noninformative or useless information sources and it uses a Bayesian model for parameter estimation which has not been(More)
We discuss the application of Choquet integrals to multi-algorithm and multi-sensor fusion in landmine detection. Choquet integrals are defined. Specific classes of measures, the full and Sugeno measures, are described. Full measures are optimized via quadratic programming. A steepest descent algorithm for optimizing Sugeno measures is derived by applying(More)
DNA microarrays and cell cycle synchronization experiments have made possible the study of the mechanisms of cell cycle regulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by simultaneously monitoring the expression levels of thousands of genes at specific time points. On the other hand, pattern recognition techniques can contribute to the analysis of such massive(More)
of Dissertation Presented to the Graduate School of the University of Florida in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy INFORMATION FUSION AND SPARSITY PROMOTION USING CHOQUET INTEGRALS By Andres Mendez-Vazquez May 2008 Chair: Paul Gader Major: Computer Engineering This dissertation addresses problems encountered in(More)
New e-services come on-line each year at an exponential rate. Most of them have the need to analyze and interpret enormous quantities of data. However, many of them do not take into account the emotions and sentiments in the Web page for their analysis. Thus, in this work, we proposed a novel system to obtain data of interest from a Web search engine by(More)
Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is a new and rich emerging discipline, and it provides e cient techniques and methods for e cient data analysis under the idea of attributes . The main tool used in this area is the Concept Lattice also named Galois Lattice or Maximal Rectangle Lattice. A naive way to generate the Concept Lattice is by enumeration of each(More)