Andres M Moreno

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We assessed the incidence and prognostic significance of right bundle branch block (RBBB) in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) receiving thrombolytic therapy. A prospective, one-year follow-up study involving 681 consecutive patients treated with thrombolytic agents for AMI was performed. Seventy-four patients developed RBBB (46% new-onset,(More)
The therapeutic efficacy and the incidence of early antivenom reactions (EARs) were compared in a clinical trial performed in 79 patients bitten by Bothrops sp. in Urabá, Colombia. Patients were randomized into three groups according to the antivenom administered: A (n = 30, Butantan polyspecific, pepsin-digested Bothrops antivenom); B (n = 27, Butantan(More)
Tests were conducted using 0.05% warfarin baits which were put into polietilinized paper bags with corn oil as attractants, in order to control cotton rats (Sigmodon hispidus major) throughout 4,000 ha. of crops in the Sinaloa State. Both the effectiveness of the warfarin bait and the security and efficiency of the handling of the polietilinized paper bags(More)
Novel platinum nanowheels were synthesized by the reduction of aqueous platinum complex with ascorbic acid in the presence of disk-like bicelles. The platinum nanowheels possess thickened centers and flared edges that are connected by dendritic platinum nanosheets. This structural complexity can be attributed to the inhomogeneous micro-environment of the(More)
As Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos têm vindo a consolidar-se como uma conferência de referência nas áreas de Engenharia de Software e de Bases de Dados onde investigadores e profissionais de Espanha, Portugal e Ibero América podem debater e trocar ideias, partilhar experiências e divulgar resultados, estabelecendo também um fórum(More)
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