Andres Herrera

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BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that women's education is protective against corporal punishment (CP) of children. However, the effect that women's exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) has on the association between women's education and children's CP has not been studied. OBJECTIVE To understand how the interaction between women's exposure(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide and suicidal expressions among young people represent a major public health problem worldwide. Most studies are from high-income countries, and it remains unclear whether prevalence and risk factors show a similar pattern in other settings. This study aims to assess the prevalence of suicidal expressions and serious suicidal expressions(More)
The objective of this research work was to design and construct a prosthesis that will be strong and reliable, while still offering control on the force exerted. Consequently, the design had to account for mechanical and electrical design reliability and size. Targeting these goals by using Electromyogram (EMG) in the electrical control system and a linear(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health is increasingly recognised as integral to good public health, but this area continues to lack sufficient planning, resources, and global strategy. It is a pressing concern in Latin America, where social determinants of health aggravate existing inequities in access to health services. Nicaragua faces serious mental health needs and(More)
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