Andres Gutierrez

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evolutionary analysis: robotically-simulated vertebrates in a predator-prey ecology. Abstract—To test adaptation hypotheses about the evolution of animals, we need information about the behavior of phenotypically-variable individuals in a specific environment. To model behavior of ancient fish-like vertebrates, we previously combined evolutionary robotics(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the Leishmania genome is reported to be constitutively expressed during the life cycle of the parasite, with a few regulated genes. Inter-species comparative transcriptomics evidenced a low number of species-specific differences related to differentially distributed genes or the differential regulation of conserved genes. It is of(More)
Historically, architectural design, particularly the conceptual part, starts with doodles, sketches, simple models, and ideas etched on the back of an envelope. Pencils and tracing paper, drafting boards and T-squares, French curves and splines, were the tools of the trade. Today, with the availability of immense computer processing power and now economic(More)
Computational vaccine design, also known as computational vaccinology, encompasses epitope mapping, antigen selection and immunogen design using computational tools. The iVAX toolkit is an integrated set of tools that has been in development since 1998 by De Groot and Martin. It comprises a suite of immunoinformatics algorithms for triaging candidate(More)
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