Andres Flores

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In the last years, Web Service composition has undoubtedly become the most promising way to integrate business-to-business applications. However, the industry and the academia often disagree on materializing current solutions, which are based on either SOAP Web Services or semantic Web Services. Besides, any service composition mechanism entails multiple(More)
Replacing pieces of component-based systems carries a serious risk on the expected stability. Substitutability of components must then be carefully identified. With this intent, this paper presents a process to evaluate replacement components by complementing the conventional compatibility analysis with component testing criteria. Functions of data(More)
New challenges in Software Testing arise from evaluating Pervasive Computing Systems, which are a special type of component-based software. Transparent interconnection of components becomes highly important when users need to switch between operative contexts. Dynamic assembly requires evaluating components to ensure they conform to the updated system’s(More)
Service-Oriented Computing allows building applications by reusing web-accessible services. However, current approaches still involve a large effort both at discovery of services and their successful integration. This paper presents a novel approach to assist developers at discovery, selection and integration of services. In particular, the paper focuses on(More)
This work is related to the area of component-based software development. We intend to automate a component integration process as a support for run-time adjustments of applications, when the environment involves highly dynamic changes of requirements. This implies to evaluate components against a given set of requirements. We propose a framework for such(More)
This work improves a novel Service Selection Method for the development of Service-Oriented Applications in the context of the Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) paradigm. We have defined a Semantic-Structural Scheme to assess Web Services on Interface Compatibility exploring the available information from WSDL documents. The structural information involves(More)