Andres E Ruuge

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This communication describes the use of a methanethiosulfonate derivative of an imidazolidine nitroxide, methanethiosulfonic acid S-(1-oxyl-2,2,3,5,5-pentamethyl-imidazolidin-4-ylmethyl) ester, IMTSL, for site-directed pKa determination of peptides by electron paramagnetic resonance. This spin label is covalently attached to the thiol group of unique(More)
A first thiol-specific pH-sensitive nitroxide spin-label of the imidazolidine series, methanethiosulfonic acid S-(1-oxyl-2,2,3,5,5-pentamethylimidazolidin-4-ylmethyl) ester (IMTSL), has been synthesized and characterized. X-Band (9 GHz) and W-band (94 GHz) EPR spectral parameters of the new spin-label in its free form and covalently attached to an amino(More)
The Kochen-Specker theorem states that a 3-dimensional complex Euclidean space admits a finite configuration of pro-jective lines such that the corresponding quantum observables (the orthogonal projectors) cannot be assigned with 0 and 1 values in a classically consistent way. This paper shows that the irreducible root systems of exceptional and of(More)
The interaction of lipid soluble spin labels with wheat embryo axes has been investigated to obtain insight into the structural organization of lipid domains in embryo cell membranes, using conventional electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and saturation transfer EPR (ST-EPR) spectroscopy. Stearic acid spin labels (n-SASL) and their methylated derivatives(More)
PURPOSE The conformance of Primary Diagnostic Monitors (PDMs) to the DICOM GSDF is increasingly required by several state and city regulators. Our purpose was to quantitatively characterize the luminance performance of the internal, built in photometer of BARCO monitors against an externally calibrated luminance meter. METHODS Thirty one PDMs (BARCO) were(More)
This communication reports the first example of a high resolution solid-state 15N 2D PISEMA NMR spectrum of a transmembrane peptide aligned using hydrated cylindrical lipid bilayers formed inside nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) substrates. The transmembrane domain SSDPLVVA(A-15N)SIIGILHLILWILDRL of M2 protein from influenza A virus was reconstituted(More)
The purpose of this work was to perform the initial evaluation of primary diagnostic monitor (PDM) characteristics following the implementation of New York City quality assurance (NYC QA) regulations on January 1, 2016, and compare the results of the QA measurements performed by an external photometer and the PDM manufacturer's built-in photometer. TG-18(More)
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