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OBJECTIVE Fertility and childbearing issues are the major quality of life concerns among young breast cancer survivors. Practical approaches are needed to convey reproductive health information. The Fertility and Cancer Project (FCP) is a dedicated research project that provides online reproductive health and fertility education. We report FCP participants'(More)
A fundamental barrier to using electrical stimulation in the clinical setting is an inability to maintain torque production secondary to muscle fatigue. Electrical stimulation parameters are manipulated to influence muscle torque production, and they may also influence fatigability during repetitive stimulation. Our purpose was to determine the response of(More)
OBJECTIVE Research has demonstrated that treating cancer patients' psychological and physical health leads to improved overall health. This may be especially true for palliative care patients facing serious illness. This study examines the proportion and determinants of psychology service utilization in an outpatient palliative care population. METHODS(More)
Disparities in Cervical Cancer (CC) mortality outcomes between African American (AA) and White women have been studied for decades. However, conclusions about the effect of race on CC survival differ across studies. This study assessed differences in CC survival between AA and White women diagnosed between 1985 and 2010 and treated at two major hospitals in(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to test the construct validity of an instrument to measure student professional behaviors in entry-level occupational therapy (OT) students in the academic setting. METHODS A total of 718 students from 37 OT programs across the United States answered a self-assessment survey of professional behavior that we developed. The survey(More)
PURPOSE More than 66% of the 200,000 newly diagnosed annual breast cancers in the US occurs in women over 55 years. Treatment advances result in excellent survival, yet older breast cancer survivors with co-morbidity may live longer, but not better after cancer. Decline in physical function, increased social isolation, and diminished economic resources(More)
PURPOSE To determine reliability, diagnostic values, and minimal detectable change scores, 90% confidence (MDC90) of pediatric clinical tests of vestibular function. METHODS Twenty children with severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and 23 children with typical development, aged 6 to 12 years, participated. The Head Thrust Test, Emory(More)
BACKGROUND An early detection of precursor lesions of cervical cancer will help to eliminate the worldwide burden of cervical cancer. METHODS This exploratory study aimed to identify, by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry (MS), serum protein profiles that distinguish cervical intraepithelial(More)
Little is known about out-of-pocket (OOP) costs incurred for medical and health needs by rural breast cancer survivors and what factors may be associated with higher OOP costs and the associated economic burden. Data were examined for 432 survivors participating in the Rural Breast Cancer Survivor Intervention trial. OOP costs were collected using the Work(More)
OBJECTIVE to test a theoretical model based on the Parent-Based Expansion of the Theory of Planned Behavior examining relation between selected parental, teenager and cultural variables and Latino teenagers' intentions to engage in sexual behavior. METHOD a cross-sectional correlational design based on a secondary data analysis of 130 Latino parent and(More)