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Three cases of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in association with idiopathic ulcerative colitis are reported; the literature is reviewed; and therapeutic modalities are considered. Successful treatment is shown to have resulted with steroids alone, steroids and immunosuppressives, splenectomy, and colectomy. It is concluded that moderate or severe hemolysis(More)
The kinetic treatment table (KTT) has been developed to prevent and treat complications of immobility. Because atelectasis and pneumonia may be related to immobility, we studied the effect of the KTT on the prevention and treatment of pulmonary complications in a prospective randomized study of 30 patients with severe traumatic injuries. All were receiving(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple factors create discrepancies between electroanatomic maps and merged, preacquired computed tomographic images used in guiding atrial fibrillation ablation. Therefore, a Carto-based 3D ultrasound image system (Biosense Webster Inc) was validated in an animal model and tested in 15 atrial fibrillation patients. METHODS AND RESULTS Twelve(More)
A family was studied in which three middle-aged siblings had unexplained cirrhosis and steatosis. Five of nine additional family members had abnormalities of liver function. Liver biopsy in those 5 revealed steatosis in 3, steatosis and fibrosis in 1, and increase in lipofuchsin pigment in another. Detailed investigation revealed no known metabolic defect,(More)
We reviewed serial chest roentgenograms of 82 patients treated with positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) therapy for morbid pulmonary failure. No change was identified in the appearance of the chest roentgenograms in 49 patients. Thirty-three patients showed pulmonary hyperinflation, varying degrees of apparent clearing of alveolar or interstitial(More)