Andreja Rojko

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This paper proposes a motion control scheme which belongs to the class of the control schemes known as sliding-mode control with disturbance estimation. A novel adaptive fuzzy disturbance estimator works as an estimator of a major part of robot dynamics. The adaptation algorithm is derived by using the Lyapunov stability theory and provides global(More)
During the E-learning Distance Interactive Practical Education project, 13 partners from 11 European countries joined together to build a power engineering and motion control remote laboratory, which would offer 18 complete online courses with remote experiments and high-quality documentation, to students from the universities of all participating partners.(More)
This paper addresses educational aspects of a distance learning mechatronic control course, which is one of the 18 courses that compound an international collaborative remote laboratory designed for students of electrical engineering. The work is undertaken in the frame of European Leonardo da Vinci project EDIPE ldquoE-learning distance interactive(More)
This paper presents an approach to informal education of the professionals from electro-mechanical industry. The approach will be developed and tested within E-PRAGMATIC network (E-Learning and Practical Training of Mechatronics and Alternative Technologies in Industrial Community). The network is an association of 13 regular and 3 associated partners from(More)
Livelong education in electro-mechanical industry is increasingly important as it allows practicing engineers and technicians to gain the knowledge necessary to cope with the fast development and consequently with higher demands on their workplaces. This paper addresses different aspects of development and execution of such industrial training. Concrete(More)
This paper describes a novel E-training developed for teaching mechatronics. The training has been developed as part of the Leonardo da Vinci lifelong learning programs and MeRLab project (Innovative Remote Laboratory in the E-training of Mechatronics). The primary target group are engineers or technicians who have already completed formal education in the(More)
This paper presents experimentally oriented remote control course for mechatronics students that is available to the engineering students from 11 European countries. The course aim is to give students theoretical knowledge as well as necessary experience and practical skills for designing of the motion controllers for mechatronics devices. In the course all(More)
It is becoming more and more common that the universities and vocational training schools offer training in different engineering fields not only to the students but also to the unemployed and employed professionals who have already finished their formal education but need new knowledge in order to cope with increasing demands of their jobs. This(More)
Maintaining an educated, high-performance workforce in the today's world of fast changing technology is a daunting task, especially in the electro-mechanical and mechatronics field. Traditional practice in the enterprises is to provide training/retraining to their employees by means of the conventional in-company training. Such training usually doesn't use(More)