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Rouviere's sulcus (RS) (i.e., incisura hepatis dextra, Gans incisura) represents an important anatomical landmark. The aim of the study was to determine the frequency of the RS, its description, its location, its relations to the right portal pedicle and to the plane of the common bile duct, and the evaluation of the surgical relevance of the obtained data.(More)
The purpose of this column is to conceptualize nursing professionalism in Slovenia as a mutual process between social change and the education of professional nurses. The process of educating professional nurses in Slovenia occurs in a changing social and organizational context. As the complexity and speed of change increases it is becoming increasingly(More)
The duration of sleep and the position of the face while resting on a pillow have a negative impact on the facial skin appearance and may lead to the formation of sleep wrinkles. Sleep lines occur when there is repetitive, long-term tension on the facial skin, which pushes or pulls the skin in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of the(More)
Background: Several elements influence the process of professionalization. The focus is on the process of professionalization in the healthcare chain. A special emphasis proportion was given to the field of nursing and its gradual transition to the profession. During the transition process endogenous and exogenous environment act as elements which should be(More)
  • Tanja Ritonja, Dragana Pejnović, Lucija Roblek, Andrej Starc
  • 2017
Shift work is defined as the work, which is time-permanently or frequently disposed outside the standard operating time. It affects the majority of bodily functions which are synchronized with the 24-hour circadian rhythm. The most pronounced impact on sleep, on an autonomous vegetative processes and the ability to work. Nurses in order to ensure quality(More)
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