Andrej Osterman

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Parallel computing is in expanding phase in GIS applications. A very attractive solution for parallel computing are the NVIDIA graphic cards, with a parallel computing platform and the CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) programming model. The basis for this paper is the r.los module used to calculate optical visibility (LOS-Line of Sight), which is(More)
Participants in racquet sports are prone to a host of soft-tissue injuries to their hands and wrists owing to the direct impact of the handle as well as the repetitive stretching that occurs as the wrist is forcefully whipped into extremes of position. Tendinitis can occur in all tendons but is most common in the first dorsal compartment, flexor carpi(More)
A kinematic analysis of a progressive, ulnar-sided wrist injury was performed using a cadaver model to study the static and dynamic stabilizers of the distal radioulnar joint with a 3-dimensional motion tracking system. Anatomically based loads were applied to achieve pronation and supination and then the specimens were evaluated after serial transection of(More)
Cat sciatic nerves containing 2 and 4 cm nerve grafts were subjected to tensile testing with the finding that a significant decrease in force at failure occurs at the distal suture line at a time after surgery that is graft length dependent. Tritiated labeling of regenerating axons and qualitative electromyography demonstrated that this effect was unrelated(More)
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