Andrej Meglic

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This paper presents a new muscle contraction (MC) sensor. This MC sensor is based on a novel principle whereby muscle tension is measured during muscle contractions. During the measurement, the sensor is fixed on the skin surface above the muscle, while the sensor tip applies pressure and causes an indentation of the skin and intermediate layer directly(More)
Skeletal muscle is the largest tissue structure in our body and plays an essential role for producing motion through integrated action with bones, tendons, ligaments and joints, for stabilizing body position, for generation of heat through cell respiration and for blood glucose disposal. A key function of skeletal muscle is force generation. Non-invasive(More)
The visual system of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) was analysed with microscopy and electrophysiological methods (electroretinograms and single-cell recordings). Ostrinia nubilalis has a pair of mainly ultraviolet-sensitive ocelli and a pair of compound eyes, maximally sensitive to green light. The ommatidia contain a tiered, fused rhabdom,(More)
Cyanobacterial blooms are global phenomena that can occur in calm and nutrient-rich (eutrophic) fresh and marine waters. Human exposure to cyanobacteria and their biologically active products is possible during water sports and various water activities, or by ingestion of contaminated water. Although the vast majority of harmful cyanobacterial products are(More)
Time courses of mitochondrial responses to illumination-induced physiological loads and to hypoxia, were recorded optically from eyes of blowflies Calliphora vicina chalky. We isolated changes in redox states of haems a(3), a, c, and b. Two types of responses to light stimulation were observed. Haems b and a(3) responded with transient oxidation and haems a(More)
The facet lenses of the compound eyes of long-legged flies (Dolichopodidae) feature a striking, interlaced coloration pattern, existing of alternating rows of green-yellow and orange-red reflecting facets, due to dielectric multilayers located distally in the facet lenses (Bernard and Miller. Invest Ophthalmol 7:416–434 (1968). We investigated this(More)
Optical experiments often require fast-switching light sources with adjustable bandwidths and intensities. We constructed a wavelength combiner based on a reflective planar diffraction grating and light emitting diodes with emission peaks from 350 to 630 nm that were positioned at the angles corresponding to the first diffraction order of the reversed beam.(More)
Blowfly photoreceptors are highly energy demanding sensory systems. Their information processing efficiency is enabled by the high temporal resolution of the cell membrane, requiring heavy metabolic support by the mitochondria. We studied the developmental changes of the mitochondrial apparatus and electrical properties of the photoreceptor membrane in the(More)
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