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Fiber deployment for the last mile of access networks is critical to provide bandwidth-intensive services such as high speed internet access, video on demand, online gaming, etc. However, to design a cost-effective FTTH access network, it requires the consideration of many factors, such as the number, positions of network components and routing of cables.(More)
The RDF framework is the underpinning element of Semantic Web stack, its widespread adoption requires efficient tools to store and query RDF data. A number of efficient local RDF stores already exist, while distributed indexing and distributed query processing are only starting to develop, furthermore dynamically growing and fail-safe solutions are not yet(More)
Fiber To The Home networks represent an interesting solution to provide a high bandwidth access to customers. To minimize the investment costs, telcos need to efficiently design their networks based on the given criteria such as power budget constraints, network equipment capacities and associated costs. Usually, a network planner starts with a large area(More)
With the huge demands for the provision of inexpensive and fast broadband services, Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) has been considered to be the most attractive solution for providing broadband access network. However, due to the consideration of many design factors such as the number, types, positions of network elements and routing information,(More)
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