Andrej Bogatchev

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During many years Science &Technology Rover Company Ltd (RCL) and Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) carry out joint works on development of mobile robots intended to operate on Earth and planets. One of directions of these works is development of locomotion systems, which should provide high cross-country capability and manoeuvrability under the(More)
Three Grid applications from the SEE-GRID-SCI Environmental VO are developed by the Bulgarian project team: Climate Change Impact on Air Quality (CCIAQ); Multi-scale atmospheric composition modeling (MSACM); Modeling System for Emergency Response to the Release of Harmful Substances in the Atmosphere (MSERRHSA). The three applications concern problems of(More)
The 5H system was produced in the 3H(t,p)5H reaction studied with a 58 MeV tritium beam at small c.m. angles. High statistics data were used to reconstruct the energy and angular correlations between the 5H decay fragments. A broad structure in the 5H missing mass spectrum showing up above 2.5 MeV was identified as a mixture of the 3/2+ and 5/2+ states. The(More)
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