Andrej A. Dobrovolskij

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The somatic musculature in trematode hermaphroditic generation (cercariae, metacercariae and adult) is presumed to comprise uniform layers of circular, longitudinal and diagonal muscle fibers of the body wall, and internal dorsoventral muscle fibers. Meanwhile, specific data are few, and there has been no analysis taking the trunk axial differentiation and(More)
Proceedings contain papers accepted for publication and presentation at the Tenth International Conference " Pattern Recognition and Information Processing " that will be held in May 19-21, Minsk, Belarus. Proceedings are prepared for publication by PRIP'2009 Program Committee and Belarusian Association for Image Analysis and Recognition. Proceedings will(More)
Among the large cells located in the posterior of Echinostoma caproni and E. paraensei miracidia are secretory cells, germinal cells (GC), and undifferentiated cells. Secretory cells do not give rise to progeny, whereas GC do. Undifferentiated cells develop into GC that can also divide to produce embryos. Cleavage of GC of E. caproni occurs only after the(More)
Experimental infections of the mollusc Biomphalaria pfeifferi by Echinostoma caproni miracidia (Mi) were carried out in order to analyze the migration and development of mother sporocysts (MS) at 26 C. Miracidia penetrated different parts of the host's body, such as the mantle collar, the foot and head covering (including velum and tentacles), the mantle(More)
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