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First record of Diplocynodon ratelii Pomel, 1847 from the early Miocene site of Tušimice (Most Basin, Northwest Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Abstract The early Miocene deposits of Bohemia (Czech Republic) contain numerous fragmentary crocodylian remains. Despite this abundance, a detailed taxonomical assignment of these remains wasExpand
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The atlas–axis complex in Dibamidae (Reptilia: Squamata) and their potential relatives: The effect of a fossorial lifestyle on the morphology of this skeletal bridge
We report on the first detailed study of the atlas–axis complex in the lizard clade Dibamidae, a family of poorly known fossorial squamates distributed in tropical or subtropical climates. ThisExpand
The tiny Cretaceous stem-bird Oculudentavis revealed as a bizarre lizard
Oculudentavis khaungraae was described based on a tiny skull trapped in amber. The slender tapering rostrum with retracted osseous nares, large eyes, and short vaulted braincase led to itsExpand
Anatomy of the neural endocranium, parasphenoid and stapes of Diadectes absitus (Diadectomorpha) from the early Permian of Germany based on the high‐resolution X‐ray microcomputed tomography
A detailed anatomy of the braincase and stapes of the subadult specimen of Diadectes absitus from early Permian sediments of Germany are described for the first time based on the high‐resolutionExpand