Andreia Patricia Gomes

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The shotgun strategy (liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry) is widely applied for identification of proteins in complex mixtures. This method gives rise to thousands of spectra in a single run, which are interpreted by computational tools. Such tools normally use a protein database from which peptide sequences are extracted for(More)
Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) or von Recklinghausen disease is a genetic disorder affecting the growth of cells in nervous system. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this disease is the development of benign tumors of the nervous system (neurofibromas).The purpose of this study was to test tissue samples taken from neurofibromas and plexiform(More)
The inter-relations between man and the environment are among the main themes currently debated by the Brazilian public health. On such horizon, the questions concerning Chagas's disease are found to remain specially in the scope of the directed actions of control to the triatomine, the anti-vectorial fight , though already a century since its first(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes NICeSim, an open-source simulator that uses machine learning (ML) techniques to aid health professionals to better understand the treatment and prognosis of premature newborns. METHODS The application was developed and tested using data collected in a Brazilian hospital. The available data were used to feed an ML pipeline(More)
The pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of sepsis remain major challenges for contemporary clinical practice. In this sense, efforts to broaden the knowledge about the mechanisms involved in systemic inflammation and to identify new methods for detecting sepsis in the early stages and the stratification of patients are extremely important.(More)
Antineoplastic chemotherapy (CT) represents the systemic treatment of malignant tumors. It can be used alone or combined with surgery and / or radiotherapy. The cytotoxic agents used in chemotherapy work on both cancerous cells and noncancerous cells of the body, generally resulting in high toxicity. The biological aggressiveness of chemotherapy(More)