Andreia Montoia

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Indole alkaloids ellipticine (1), cryptolepine triflate (2a), rationally designed 11-(4-piperidinamino)cryptolepine hydrogen dichloride (2b) and olivacine (3) (an isomer of 1) were evaluated in vitro against Plasmodium falciparum and in vivo in Plasmodium berghei-infected mice. 1-3 inhibited P. falciparum (IC₅₀≤1.4 μM, order of activity: 2b>1>2a>3). In(More)
Ellipticine has been shown previously to exhibit excellent in vitro antiplasmodial activity and in vivo antimalarial properties that are comparable to those of the control drug chloroquine in a mouse malaria model. Ellipticine derivatives and analogs exhibit antimalarial potential however only a few have been studied to date. Herein, ellipticine and a(More)
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