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Online e-commerce marketplaces for buying and selling products are omnipresent and bring together several suppliers and buyers. Each supplier and buyer has its own format, concepts and characteristics to represent products. Even if both supplier and buyer use an ontology, they may use ontologies that differ significantly either syntactically or(More)
Electronic Institutions are comprehensive frameworks that may effectively help in the collaborative work of virtual organization activities. This paper focuses on an effort to create e-contracting and ontology-based services in the context of Electronic Institutions. The e-contracting services provide automatic specification of business agreements by(More)
Ontology has an important role in Multi-Agent Systems communication once it provides a vocabulary to be used in the communication between agents. It is hard to find out two agents using precisely the same vocabulary. They usually have a heterogeneous private vocabulary defined in their own private ontology. In order to provide help in the conversation among(More)
Airline companies do not collaborate when dealing with problems that arise during their own operational control plan. These problems are related with aircrafts, crew members and passengers and the actions towards the solution of these problems are usually known as operations recovery. In this paper we present a possible solution to the problem of lack of(More)
In the Virtual Enterprises (VE) environment, interactions between distributed, heterogeneous computing entities representing different enterprises, people and resources, take place. These interactions, in order to be both syntactic and semantic compatible, need to follow appropriate standards (ontologies) well understood by all the participants. Even for(More)