Andrei V. Olenev

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A new quasi-one-dimensional compound Ni(8)Bi(8)SI has been synthesized and its crystal structure determined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. The structure of Ni(8)Bi(8)SI consists of(More)
A novel tin phosphide bromide, Sn(24)P(19.3(2))Br(8), and Sn(24)P(19.3(2))Br(x)()I(8)(-)(x) (x = 0-8) solid solution have been prepared and structurally characterized. All compounds crystallize with(More)
The new cationic clathrates I Si(30)P(16)Te(8-x)Se(x) and Si(30+x)P(16-x)Te(8-x)Br(x) were synthesized by the standard ampule technique. The Si(30)P(16)Te(8-x)Se(x) (x = 0-2.3) clathrates crystallize(More)