Andrei V. Sarychev

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We study Lagrange Problem of Optimal Control with a functional ∫ b a L (t, x (t) , u (t)) dt and control affine dynamics ẋ = f (t, x)+ g (t, x) u and (a priori) unconstrained control u ∈ IR. We obtain conditions under which the minimizing controls of the problem are bounded – the fact which is crucial for applicability of many necessary optimality(More)
First optimality conditions and first existence results in the calculus of variations have been separated in time by more than a century. The formalism based on EulerLagrange equation deals with a given (local) minimizer whose existence need not be established. Minimizers which appeared in the classical examples of the variational problems were either(More)
  • Sergei Gurievyand, Dmitry Kvassovz, +7 authors Giovanni Urga
  • 2000
Unprecedented demonetization of Russia’s transition economy has been explained by tight monetary policy, tax evasion and poor ...nancial intermediation. We show that market power may also be important. We build a model of imperfect competition in which ...rms use barter for price discrimination. The model predicts a positive relationship between(More)
We show that tapered arrays of thin metallic wires can manipulate electromagnetic fields on the subwavelength spatial scale. Two types of nanoscale imaging applications using terahertz and midinfrared waves are enabled: image magnification and radiation focusing. First, the tapered wire array acts as a multipixel TEM endoscope by capturing an(More)
In the world of thin markets and immature legal systems, market failure arises due to contracting problems. Multilateral reputation mechanisms may alleviate such problems in static environments, but may not be fully effective in evolving, out-of-steady-state economies. Building on insights from modern law economics corroborated by recent evidence, we(More)
A mathematical method of obtaining 13C CP/MAS subspectra of single components of a complex system is presented and applied to three- and four-component systems. The method is based on previously reported work that exploits different proton relaxation properties for different domains of an heterogeneous system. However, unlike the original method that(More)
Results Fourteen of 34 patients (41,2%) received toziliaumab (TOZ), 6 (17,6%) abatacept (ABA), 4 (11,8%) etanercept (ETN), 5 (14,7%) adalimumab (ADA) and 5 (14,7%) infliximab (IFL). Mean treatment duration with biologics was 16,3 (± 10,47), from 3 to 46 months. Different types of TB infection were diagnosed in 6 (17,6%) patients while receiving biological(More)
We demonstrate how endogenous information acquisition by financiers creates investment cycles when competing financiers undertake their screening decisions in an uncoordinated way, thereby highlighting the role of intertemporal screening externalities induced by screening competition as a structural source of instability. We show that uncoordinated(More)
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