Andrei V Petukhov

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The effect of fractionation on the phase behavior of colloidal goethite dispersions with different polydispersities (17%, 35%, and 55% in length) has been studied by small angle x-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy. All systems show at least nematic and smectic phases. The occurrence of the latter phase at such a high polydispersity is(More)
The hydrothermal crystallization of CoAPO-5 molecular sieves has been studied using time-resolved in-situ SAXS/WAXS, UV-vis, Raman, and XAS. Data collected during heating to 180 degrees C allowed the observation of different steps occurring during the transformation of the amorphous gel into a crystalline material from a macroscopic and atomic perspective.(More)
A sol-gel-derived microporous ceramic membrane with an exceptionally low permeability for CO(2) from gaseous streams was developed and characterized. The sols were prepared from a mixture of niobium and silicon alkoxide precursors by acid-catalyzed synthesis. Microporous films were formed by coating asymmetric gamma-alumina disks with the polymeric sol(More)
Despite the availability of elaborate varieties of nanoparticles, their assembly into regular superstructures and photonic materials remains challenging. Here we show how flexible films of stacked polymer nanoparticles can be directly assembled in a roll-to-roll process using a bending-induced oscillatory shear technique. For sub-micron spherical(More)
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are among the most sophisticated nanostructured solids: they often possess high surface areas and pore volumes, with the possibility of finetuning their chemical environment by either selecting the appropriate building blocks or by postsynthetic functionalization. For many frameworks, flexibility of the lattice allows them to(More)
We study the self-assembly of colloidal CdSe/CdS nanorods (NRs) at the liquid/air interface combining time-resolved in situ grazing-incidence small angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS) and ex situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Our study shows that NR superstructure formation occurs at the liquid/air interface. Short NRs self-assemble into micrometers(More)
The experimental phase diagram for aqueous mixtures of charged gibbsite platelets and silica spheres is presented. The platelets are 95 nm in diameter, and the diameter ratio between the spheres and the platelets is 0.18. Here the spheres are acting as depletants in the mixtures perturbing the phase behavior of the pure platelet suspensions. An important(More)
Oriented attachment of synthetic semiconductor nanocrystals is emerging as a route for obtaining new semiconductors that can have Dirac-type electronic bands such as graphene, but also strong spin-orbit coupling. The two-dimensional (2D) assembly geometry will require both atomic coherence and long-range periodicity of the superlattices. We show how the(More)
Biaxial nematic and biaxial smectic phases were found in a colloidal model system of goethite (alpha-FeOOH) particles with a simple boardlike shape and short-range repulsive interaction. The macroscopic domains were oriented by a magnetic field and their structure was revealed by small angle x-ray scattering. In accordance with theoretical predictions,(More)
The COI-COII intergenic region of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was studied in local honeybee (Apis mellifera mellifera) L. populations from the Middle and Southern Urals. Analysis of bee colonies in these regions revealed apiaries enriched in families descending from A. m. mellifera in the maternal lineage. These results confirm the suggestion of preservation(More)