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The published experimental data and existing concepts of cellular regulation of respiration are analyzed. Conventional, simplified considerations of regulatory mechanism by cytoplasmic ADP according to Michaelis-Menten kinetics or by derived parameters such as phosphate potential etc. do not explain relationships between oxygen consumption, workload and(More)
In this chapter we describe in details the permeabilized cell and skinned fiber techniques and their applications for studies of mitochondrial function in vivo. The experience of more than 10 years of research in four countries is summarized. The use of saponin in very low concentration (50-100 μg/ml) for permeabilisation of the sarcolemma leaves all(More)
Creatine kinase (CK) isoenzymes are present in all vertebrates. An important property of the creatine kinase system is that its total activity, its isoform distribution, and the concentration of guanidino substrates are highly variable among species and tissues. In the highly organized structure of adult muscles, it has been shown that specific CK(More)
Physiological role of creatine (Cr) became first evident in the experiments of Belitzer and Tsybakova in 1939, who showed that oxygen consumption in a well-washed skeletal muscle homogenate increases strongly in the presence of creatine and with this results in phosphocreatine (PCr) production with PCr/O2 ratio of about 5–6. This was the beginning of(More)
In this review we analyze the concepts and the experimental data on the mechanisms of the regulation of energy metabolism in muscle cells. Muscular energetics is based on the force–length relationship, which in the whole heart is expressed as a Frank–Starling law, by which the alterations of left ventricle diastolic volume change linearly both the cardiac(More)
Percutaneous laser denervation of archoappendicular joints in spinal pain was made in 15 patients from a study group. Percutaneous high-frequency denervation of archoappendicular joints was performed in a control group consisting of 15 patients with facet syndrome. A preoperative protocol for each patient included at least two diagnostic segmental blocks. A(More)
BACKGROUND The present review examines the role of intra-cellular compartmentation of energy metabolism in vivo. OBJECTIVE To compare the kinetics of the activation of mitochondrial respiration in skinned cardiac fibres by exogenous and endogenous adenine nucleotides in dependence of the modulation of cellular structure and contraction. METHODS(More)
In saponin-skinned muscle fibers from adult rat heart and m. soleus the apparent affinity of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system for ADP (Km = 200-400 μM) is much lower than in isolated mitochondria (Km = 10-20 μM). This suggests a limited permeability of the outer mitochondrial membrane (OMM) to adenine nucleotides in slow-twitch muscle(More)
The study was performed to develop differentiated indications and determination of effectiveness of percutaneous cold plasma nucleoplasty (PCPN) of intervertebral discs combined with percutaneous radiofrequency facet denervation (PRFD) in vertebrogenic pain syndromes. 139 patients surgically treated between 2007 and 2010 were included in this study. In 46(More)
Samples of human brain tumors were obtained in the form of biopsy material from the Kiev Research Institute of Neurosurgery, MinistrY of Health of the Ukrainian SSR. The tumors were classified on the basis of the results of light-optical investigation of fragments from the same regions of the neoplasm as were used for the immunochemical analyses. The(More)