Andrei V. Kondrashev

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Shared variables and auxiliary processors are well-known techniques for connecting alien applications to APL. The use of APL in the PC windowing multitasking environment of MS Windows, which incorporates a messaging model for interprocess communications, requires some new approaches to the implementation of shared variable and auxiliary processor support.(More)
T CP/IP (which stands for Transmission Control Protocol// Internet Protocol) is a network communication standard that allows computers of different sizes, running totally different operating systems, to communicate with each other. The purpose of this article is to give APL programmers a basic knowledge of TCP/IP and its programming using a TCP/IP auxiliary(More)
Jus t recent ly , during APL91 in Stanford, the answer to this quest ion was obvious: "Certainly, Yes." Due to r ecen t events in the Soviet Union, I am well aware tha t the answer to this quest ion worr ies many people. Last week my In te rne t mailbox was "swollen" with a huge number of messages, and almost all of t hem contained the words: "What about(More)
The dyadic mixed primitive function Take can be used to selectively take data out of an array or to increase the size of the dimensions of an array. With the exception of a scalar, Take cannot be used to increase the rank of the array. When "over taking" with Take the array is filled out with zeroes if it is a numeric array and blanks if it is a character(More)
computer science but h is tory and languages. Teachers use APL in the i r everyday scientif ic work as well as in the classroom_ Uses of APL include: idioms to help explain diagnost ic algor i t hms dur ing lectures; computer-assis ted l ea rn ing of da ta analysis methods; mathemat ica l skill training (drill); s imula t ion/games (e.g., find the failed(More)
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