Andrei V. Kondrashev

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Shared variables and auxiliary processors are well-known techniques for connecting alien applications to APL. The use of APL in the PC windowing multitasking environment of MS Windows, which incorporates a messaging model for interprocess communications, requires some new approaches to the implementation of shared variable and auxiliary processor support.(More)
T CP/IP (which stands for Transmission Control Protocol// Internet Protocol) is a network communication standard that allows computers of different sizes, running totally different operating systems, to communicate with each other. The purpose of this article is to give APL programmers a basic knowledge of TCP/IP and its programming using a TCP/IP auxiliary(More)
APL technology, including not only teaching computer science but history and languages. Teachers use APL in their everyday scientific work as well as in the classroom_ Uses of APL include: idioms to help explain diagnostic algorithms during lectures; computer-assisted learning of data analysis methods; mathematical skill training (drill); simulation/games(More)
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