Andrei V. Kalinin

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The article presents the current understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, its basic forms, risk factors, prevalence and clinical course. Shows the data of research on the effectiveness of purely herbal product Legalon, in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The 2-month course of treatment was underwent(More)
A method for the diagnosis of labyrinthine hydrops is proposed that takes advantage of specific physiological features of internal ear functioning. Namely, the basal membrane of the inner ear exposed to a low-frequency tone undergoes synchronous sinusoidal oscillations along its entire length; simultaneously, sensitivity of the organ of Corti changes(More)
Incidence of Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection in inpatients of a general hospital and donors was evaluated immunologically: the serum was examined for IgG antibodies to HP using enzyme immunoassay. Of 354 examinees 89 had duodenal ulcer (DU), 101 were healthy donors. HP infection was found prevalent in all the groups of the inpatients. Cases of HP were(More)
Difficulties that occur in the diagnosis of early gastric carcinoma (EGC) were studied on a material of 1617 prophylactic endoscopic examinations of persons who did not make any complaints of the alimentary organs and 2158 primary gastroscopies performed in accordance with the patients' complaints, results of the dispensary follow-up of 811 patients who(More)