Andrei Schmidt

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Acoustic signals consist of pressure changes over time and can thus be analyzed in the frequency- or in the time-domain. With behavioural experiments we investigated which frequency components (FC) are necessary for the recognition of the periodic envelope of the conspecific song by females of the grasshopper Chorthippus biguttulus. Further, we determined(More)
The electrophysiological and morphological features of visually driven neurons of the stratum griseum centrale of the zebra finch optic tectum were studied by extracellular recording and staining techniques. Stratum griseum centrale neuron responses are sustained in most cases. Receptive fields are big, up to 150° of the visual field. The excitatory center(More)
Responses of neurons of the optic tectum, the prominent, highly laminated mesencephalic station of the tectofugal visual pathway in birds, to computer-generated and other visual stimuli were examined in zebra finches. Our study shows that the contralateral retina projects to the tectum in topographic order. The representation of the visual field is tilted(More)
A microbial biosensor based on thick film technology was developed. The microorganisms, Arthrobacter nicotianae, were immobilized in Ca-alginate directly on the electrode surface. For the stability of the calcium alginate gel the addition of 0.5 mM CaCl2 to the assay buffer was necessary. The respiratory activity of the microorganisms was monitored by(More)
After all techniques for reconstruction of tracheal segments with trachea-homografts, known from the literature, have failed to show satisfactory functional results, we have carried out further experiments concerning this subject. Our main interest was focused on the following topics: 1. the regeneration pattern of the respiratory epithelium in the trachea,(More)
We present a method for producing monolithically integrated complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) optical filters with different and customer-specific responses. The filters are constituted by a Fabry-Perot resonator formed by two Bragg mirrors separated by a patterned cavity. The filter response can be tuned by changing the geometric parameters of(More)
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