Andrei Sabac

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Simultaneous monitoring of glucose and lactate is an important challenge for understanding brain energetics in physiological or pathological states. We demonstrate here a versatile method based on a minimally invasive single implantation in the rat brain. A silicon/SU8-polymer multi-sensing needle-shaped biosensor, was fabricated and tested. The(More)
Scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM) was performed on an n-type Si multilayer structure doped by phosphorus whose concentration ranges from 2×1017 to 2×1019cm-3. Three types of tips were used, i.e. fresh Pt/Ir coated tip, worn Pt/Ir coated tip and non-coated commercial Si tip. The use of fresh Pt/Ir coated tips produces SCM result in good agreement with(More)
Pt nanoparticles in a Al2O3 dielectric matrix thin films are elaborated by means of atomic layer deposition. These nanostructured thin films are integrated in vertical and planar test structures in order to assess both their in-plane and out-of-plane electrical properties. A shadow edge evaporation process is used to develop planar devices with electrode(More)
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