Andrei P. Kirilyuk

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Complex-dynamical fractal is a hierarchy of permanently, chaotically changing versions of system structure, obtained as the unreduced, causally probabilistic general solution to an arbitrary interaction problem. Intrinsic creativity of this extension of usual fractality determines its exponentially high operation efficiency, which underlies many specific(More)
The unreduced, universally nonperturbative analysis of arbitrary interaction process, described by a quite general equation, provides the truly complete, " dynamically multivalued " general solution that leads to dynamically derived, universal definitions of randomness, probability , chaoticity, complexity, fractality, self-organisation, and other(More)
The unreduced description of any real system with interaction reveals natural emergence of multiple, incompatible system versions, or realisations, formed by dynamic entanglement of the interacting system components and forced to permanently replace each other in a causally random order, which permits one to define and calculate the a priori probabilities(More)
A system of two interacting, physically real, initially homogeneous fields is considered as the most elementary possible basis for the world construction in which one of them, a 'protofield' of electromagnetic nature, is attracted to another protofield, or medium, responsible for the eventually emerging gravitational effects. The interaction process is(More)
This report provides a brief review of recently developed extended framework for fundamental physics, designated as Quantum Field Mechanics and including causally complete and intrinsically unified theory of explicitly emerging elementary particles, their inherent properties, quantum and relativistic behaviour , interactions and their results. Essential(More)
A quite general interaction process within a multi-component system is analysed by the extended effective potential method liberated from usual limitations of perturbation theory or integrable model. The obtained causally complete solution of the many-body problem reveals the phenomenon of dynamic multivaluedness, or redundance, of emerging, incompatible(More)
The unreduced, universally nonperturbative analysis of arbitrary many-body interaction process reveals the irreducible, purely dynamic source of randomness. It leads to the universal definition of real system complexity, where the internally chaotic self-organisation emerges as a characteristic case of complex interaction dynamics. One obtains the causally(More)
The true dynamical randomness is obtained as a natural fundamental property of deterministic quantum systems. It provides quantum chaos passing to the classical dynamical chaos under the ordinary semiclassical transition, which extends the correspondence principle to chaotic systems. In return one should accept the modified form of quantum formalism(More)