Andrei N Kozyrev

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The synthesis, photophysical characteristics, in vivo photosensitizing efficacy, human serum albumin (HSA) binding properties, and skin phototoxicity of some stable bacteriochlorins were investigated. The novel bacteriochlorins, obtained from chlorophyll-a, have long-wavelength absorptions in the range lambda max = 734-758 nm. Preferential migration of(More)
A series of new bacteriochlorins was synthesized using 13(2)-oxo-bacteriopyropheophorbide a (derived from bacteriochlorophyll a) as a starting material, which on reacting with o-phenylenediamine and 1,10-diaminonaphthalene afforded highly conjugated annulated bacteriochlorins with fused quinoxaline, benzimidazole, and perimidine rings, respectively. The(More)
In a sequence of reactions, methyl mesopyropheophorbide a, mesochlorin e(6) trimethyl ester, mesochlorin p(6) trimethyl ester, mesopurpurin-18-N-hexylimide methyl ester, and mesopurpurin-18-N-3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzylimide methyl ester were synthesized from chlorophyll-a. These chlorins on reacting with osmium tetraoxide produced the corresponding(More)
The thermolysis products obtained by refluxing a series of vic-dihydroxychlorins in o-dichlorobenzene are characterized. Depending on the nature of substrates, this methodology provides an access for novel carbon-carbon linked chlorin-chlorin dimers and chlorin-porphyrin dimers with fixed and flexible orientations. The configuration of the linkers in the(More)
Allomerization of bacteriochlorophyll a (Bchl a) was studied under various reaction conditions. Bchl a on stirring with KOH/propanol produced an "unstable bacteriochlorin", which decomposed in acidic conditions to give a complex mixture containing bacteriopurpurin a as a principal component. The yields of other compounds varied and were found to be(More)
The purpose of the present paper is to provide a succinct but fairly full description of the current status of theory and practice in the valuation of intellectual (intangible) capital, including econometric research, the professional valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets, as well as new approaches to the valuation of knowledge-based(More)
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